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Your Solution for Reliable RPC Connectivity to Blockchain

Ensuring dependable RPC connectivity to the blockchain. The agile RPC Layer for the blockchain.

Introducing the Agile RPC Layer for Blockchain - Backpac's Smart RPC Load Balancer, a user-friendly solution for regional load balancing in RPC-driven applications. With our simple, two-step setup dashboard, you can easily add fault tolerance to your application.

We've streamlined RPC request distribution by offering reputable providers like QuickNode and your preferred custom RPC providers. Our Smart RPC Load Balancer ensures uninterrupted service delivery by automatically routing requests to active RPC endpoints with the highest block height, minimizing downtime and enhancing your RPC workload experience.

Furthermore, our load balancer optimizes regional distribution and caching based on blockchain block times, resulting in improved system performance, efficiency, and reduced latency."